Sunday, November 27, 2011

Runner's Feet Seminar Presentation

Just today, I had the opportunity to share my insights on a seminar conducted in San Juan De Dios Hospital in Pasay. The topic is Runner's Feet. I was given the task to share about the anatomy of the shoe as well as the biomechanics of the foot that affect an individual during running. It also included some history of the running shoe as well as the evolution of the shoe.
So as promised to the attendees, I am providing a link to the presentation slides for your own personal use. As I have mentioned, with so much paper used, I went the paperless route and hopefully you just place this in your electronic device, (ipad,computer,smartphone) and minimize the unnecessary use of paper if you can store it digitally and electronically.
By the way, I will make this available for download for only the month of December 2011. After which I will remove it already. So make sure you get it and save it before the end of the year. It is in pdf file already.
Enjoy and here is the link. Just click on it. Does the shoe "feet"? presentation